My mother likes to tell anyone who will listen that I had a knack for advertising from a very early age. Driving past a familiar strip mall in our small Virginia town, I would always shout, "Kmart. The Saving Place." At the breakfast table, "Snap. Crackle. Pop." At Grandma's house, "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz." 

So, it's only natural that I would go from reciting ad copy to writing it. After five years in design school, I went on to graduate from ad school with a masters in copywriting. When I landed in Texas I thought, I’ll give it 2 years max. Well, here I am 14 years later. Friendly folks and fresh tortillas. Go figure.  

As a writer, bending is what I do best. From fashion to football to finance, I can quickly and easily adapt to any type of client. I love words but I’m also a visual thinker. (Probably because I started out thinking I wanted to be an art director.) I love tapping into human truth, but I also love cracking the strategic nut on assignments.

Of course, I work in traditional ad spaces, but brand engagement in digital space is most exciting to me. Not only the potential of the medium, but the ability to choreograph different elements to bring a brand to life. 

As a creative director I've managed local and national brands, been a key player in all new business efforts and, of course, mentored an entire creative department. I believe in doing great work but, I also believe a great client relationship is important for everyone’s success. 

When I’m not creating ads, I’m in the kitchen creating recipes and creating a never-ending list of renovation ideas for my MCM home. My greatest creation yet, though, is my daughter, Hollis, aka Toddler-saurus Rex. Even though my husband, Hayes, an audio engineer, had a little something to do with that creation, I still take all the credit.